Friday, January 21, 2011

Mobile App Recruiting Specialists?

A while back I was looking to hire a recruiter and in the stack of resumes was one that was very intriguing: the candidate was a recruiter who specialized in filling positions for Mobile Applications. Her resume mentioned many of Apple’s products; including the iPhone, iPod, and iPad as well as Blackberry and other mobile devices. She indicated in her cover letter that she would be interested only if I would look to move my business in this direction. I decided she was not a candidate since that’s not what I was looking to do.

Just because it’s not what I want to do, however, doesn’t mean it’s not a great idea or worth exploring. If you are in sales or run your own desk maybe you should try going after clients in this space? If you are looking for a recruiting job, perhaps you could add “mobile” or “applications” to your key word searches when you’re looking for jobs. Apple and their products seem to be popping up everywhere, and now TV’s are incorporating applications similar to mobile products, so it seems to be a growing sector. Certainly Apple shows no signs of slowing down as per their recent quarterly report .

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